Loathing EP

by Misgiver

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Debut EP "Loathing" released April 21, 2015


released April 21, 2015

Produced/Mixed by Logan Beaver and Paul Dennis of Octave Audio
Mastered by Taylor Gormely



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MISGIVER Elmira, New York


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Track Name: Isolation Sickness
I've been buried in bed, lost in my head
Chasing dreams and imagining things again
these false realities id rather believe
they give me a sense of relief
this clouds been raining down since I remember
a cage that I was born in and will be in forever
if I could pull it together
wash off the stains
I could finally crack a smile as it swirled down the drain

The things I do to feel okay
Just to have it go away
I lose a fight every day
There has to be another way

Everything in me
Track Name: Partially Deceased
forgot the color of the sky one day
black and gray
I blocked it all out in hate
and covered up the pearly gates
compliments to all these years
of giving in to all my fears
what little hope I might of had
was driven out when I went mad

stuck inside this hell

I fell ill, I don't feel right
severed from the world with no light

laid across the earth a landscape of graves
so many lives the liars grace couldn't save
Track Name: The Marble Town
pull me out of this hell I've made
I can't move forward buried in this grave
born with a curse
a fucked up head
This other side of me that wants me dead

up to my neck

my past my present, my future no difference
There's only nothingness where I'm headed

I can't help thinking of the times I felt no harm could ever find me through these walls that I built
what happened and when?
how long has it been?
this gloom it spread through me from deep within

lost inside

open the book of the dead
write my name
Track Name: APD
six whole days

six whole days I've been alone in this room
thinking of the future and my immanent doom
I haven't spoken to a single soul
not a single face interests me anymore
fuck fuck fuck fuck

sitting in silence with my face in the dirt
picking at the scabs that still hurt

just get me over this

I can't hold my bones together
Track Name: Collecting Coffins
I have this feeling something's always wrong
a phantom limb, a darker half that just doesn't belong
A heaviness unannounced and troubling
a tormenting guest that never comes but is always coming

I've been dragged through these seasons too many times to feel at all
I never bloom in the summer
but I hit the ground hard in the fall

I feel dead no wonder
what doesn't kill you only makes you

it's odd to think I'd miss it if I felt any better
I've grown too used to feeling down and so fucking bitter

and I've been living life a lot less alive
I don't blame anyone at all, I've come to terms with never feeling fine
I've got this great idea to never leave my fucking bed
Never see the sun, never really live again

oozing out the color from my heart
I hide myself away and fall a part

I continue to rot

collecting coffins
to feel more at home
I can't relate to the living
cold and all alone